Sunday School Classes for Young Students!
                              Meet in the Student Center
  •  1st & 2nd Grades      Teacher: Mrs. Debbie Pittman and                                                                               Mrs. Faith King
  •  3rd & 4th Grades      Teacher: Mrs. Rachael Stromeyer
  •  5th & 6th Grades (Girls)   Teacher: Mrs. Lynn Knight
  •  5th & 6th Grades (Boys)   Teacher: Mr. Donald Flanagan
 Children’s Church 
Children 1st through 6th grades will participate in kid-style worship during the 11 o’clock worship service in the gym during our new KidZone.  
Four and Five years old will learn fun Bible stories on their level during the 11 o’clock worship service in Room 101 of the main building during our new KidZone Jr.
Family Worship
Children enjoy going  to worship services with their family on the last Sunday of the month.