Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Small Groups are part of the WPBC Mission to "Grow" in Christ.
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All class meet on Sunday Mornings unless otherwise noted.
Preschool             Children             Youth             Adults    


          "Guppies"              Room 105
               The smallest babies and babies who are crawling and pulling up.
               Teachers: Jordan Schlicher & Jenna Harrison
           "Caterpillars"                    Room 103
               Youngsters who are beginning walking and well thru two years old.
               Teachers: Caroline Ott & Zachary Ray
           "Explorers"            Room 102
              Children who are three (Children must be potty trained)
               Teachers: Taylor Muhoberac & Miriam Shoemaker
           "4's & 5's"       Room 101
               Those in Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten.
               Rotating Teachers : Whitney & Dereck O'Flynn; Debbie & Jim Bodenchatz
           "River Road children"
               For younger children
               Sunday 8:30am - River Road Campus (45173 River Road, Hammond)
               Teacher: Kathy Freché


     (classes meet in the Student Center unless otherwise noted)
          "The Holy Donuts" (River Road Campus)
               For children in the fourth grade and older
               Sunday 8:30am - River Road Campus (45173 River Road, Hammond)
               Teacher : Beth Hiller
          "1st & 2nd Grade"                      SC 306
               Children who have completed Kindergarten or 1st grade.
               Teacher: Debbie Pittman
          "3rd & 4th Grade"            SC 304
               Children who have completed 2nd or 3rd grades.
               Teacher: Rachel Stromeyer
          "5th & 6th Grade Girls"    SC 302
               Children who have completed 4th or 5th grades.
               Teacher: Lynn Knight
          "5th & 6th Grade Boys"   SC 307
               Children who have completed the 4th or 5th grades.
               Teacher: Ben Showalter
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     (classes meet in the Student Center unless otherwise noted)
          "7th & 8th Grade Girls"   SC 301
               Students who have completed the 6th or 7th grades.
               Teacher: Michelle Stewart
          "7th & 8th Grade Boys"   SC 303
               Students who have completed the 6th or 7th grades.
               Teacher: Kim Klein
          "9th & 10th Grade Girls"  SC 309
               Students who have completed the 8th or 9th grades.
               Rotating Teachers: Jodi Thompson & Wende Powell
          "9th & 10th Grade Boys" SC 305
               Students who have completed the 8th or 9th grades.
               Teacher: Dereck O'Flynn
          "11th & 12th Grades"      SC Loft (above stage)
               Students who have completed the 10th or 11th grades.
               Teacher: Robert Trigo


 "All class descriptions are appropriate and describe the majority of the class. Also, any adult is welcome to attend any class that you are comfortable with."    
Co-Ed              Women             Empty Nesters             Adults with Seniority    
          "Rise"                  Prayer Room
               Rise/College & Career. Single Adults from post-high school through mid 20's.
               Teachers: Peggy Shearer & Wanda Klein
           "River Road Bible Study"
               Bible study for all Adults
               Sunday 8:30am - River Road Campus (45173 River Road, Hammond, LA 70401)
               Teacher: Duncan Freche
          "E 5:8"                                        Room 208
               Coed Adult Class  (Ages: 35-50)
               Teacher: Billy Mount 
          "Koinonia"                                    Room 205
              Coed Adult Class  (Ages: 30 - 45)
              Teacher: Clay Thompson
          "Reality"                                       Room 210
               Young Marrieds (Ages: 20 - 30)
               Teacher: Dillion Morse
          "Connections"                     Office Conference Room
               Coed Class  (Ages: 30 - 50)
               Teachers: John Dardis
           "Friendships"                                Room 206
               Single adults  (Ages: 40 through 60)  
               Teacher: Dianne Williams
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           "SS Discipleship Class"                  Room 209
               Ladies class that uses Masterworks.
               Facilitator: Diana Temple
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          "Truth Seekers"                            Room 215
          Coed class (Ages: 50 plus)
          Rotating Teachers 
          "Two-by-Two"                               Room 212
          Coed Class (Ages: 50 - 65)  
          Rotating Teachers
          "Pairs & Spairs"                             Room 203
          Coed Class (Ages: 50 - 65) 
          Teachers: Larry Knight & John O'Flynn
          "Couples for Christ"                     Room 213
               Coed class   (Ages: 50 - 65)
               Teachers: Charles Chandler, Donna Pourciau
          "Stepping Stones"                        Room 204
               Ladies-only Class  (Ages: 50-65)  
               Teacher: Gloria Vinyard
          "Men of Iron"                               Room 202
          Men-only class (Ages: 50 - 65)
          Teacher: Keith Cook
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          "Rebecca"                                    Room 107
               Ladies Class  (Ages: 50 plus
               Teacher: Kathy Powell
          "Ruth"                                           Room 111
               Ladies Class  (Ages: 65 plus)
               Teachers: Judy Meidinger
          "Fidelis"                                        Room 107
               Ladies Class (Ages: 65 plus)
               Teacher: Dianne Schilling
          "Searchers"                                   Room 108
               Men's class  (Ages: 65 plus)
               Teachers: Billy Brown & Jim Kinnison

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